Meet the Board – Sean Connor

“It’s a basic ethical principal to treat everybody as valuable and worthy of respect. Also, it’s easy to do well with people who already are successful and have all the advantages – the true measure of worth is how well you do with people who actually could use some help.”

Name: Sean Connor
Company: Pfluger
Title: Principal

Pfluger is an architecture firm specializing in educational facilities. They work with public school districts throughout Texas, and have worked with Leander ISD since 2006. Pfluger is a Gold level Annual Partner of LEEF.

Sean and his wife have three children, all grown. One is just married (yay!), one living at home, and one is still in school (medical school).

Sean’s Why: More than most school districts, Leander ISD is innovative, is willing to push the envelope of what education can be, and always puts student learning first. That’s why I really want to give my support, and to strengthen my relationship and my company’s relationship with Leander ISD.

Fave Book: History of World War II by Churchill. It’s my favorite because of his astute observation of human psychology.

Fave Way to Spend Time: Gardening, sailing, walking, and reading.

Fave Holiday: Christmas – not only for reasons of faith, but because any good cheer is a blessing and a miracle!

Classroom Impact Team

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