Meet the Board – Katie Perkins

“Every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. LEEF supports not only each student, but the teachers that help shape their growth both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Name: Katie Perkins
Company: St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center
Title: Chief Operating Officer

Katie’s family includes her husband Zach, and their dog Tripp who is 50% English Bulldog, 50% Boston Terrier, and 100% chaos!

Katie’s Why: As the COO at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center, I saw the opportunity to connect with another organization that is focused on caring for the community from healthcare to education. I’ve enjoyed being part of something that gives back to the students of Leander in such a meaningful way.

Fave Holiday: Christmas–I love all of the decorations and lights and spending time with my family and sweet little nieces.

Classroom Impact Team

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