Entrepreneurship in Leander ISD

Why Entrepreneurship? 

The jobs of our future are unknown, and therefore it’s more important than ever to nurture and teach students critical skills and behaviors of entrepreneurs: creativity, opportunity recognition, self-motivation, adaptability. Entrepreneurs are opportunistic collaborators who learn from experimentation and failure along the way. 

The Curriculum 

Uncharted Learning entrepreneurship curriculum provides true engagement in a learn-by-doing, real-world setting. Students learn and apply business start-up practices and concepts to projects they’re passionate about.  They build, test, learn, apply – embracing the cycle of experimentation, which is core to entrepreneurship and great training ground for life — they get comfortable with failing and learning from failure.  Working in teams and being supported by a dynamic mix of teachers, coaches, and mentors, all translates to deeper learning and skill building. Leander ISD offers a pathway of student entrepreneurial experiences: freshINCedu (Elementary), mxINCedu (Middle), INCubatoredu/ACCELeratoredu (High).

Students learn how to:

  • Collaborate with a Team
  • Apply the Cycle of Experimentation to Find Solutions to Complex Problems
  • Speak Confidently and Persuasively 
  • Leverage Curiosity and Creativity to Drive Solutions

The Student Experience

Authentic | Students learn and practice industry-based skills, in a real-world environment – not a simulation

Experiential | Project-based learning (PBL) for engagement and deeper learning 

Connected | Connected to community & industry and ‘the what’ and ‘the why’ they are learning


Your donation will go directly to support student projects. Click here to learn more about the donation levels below.

  • freshINCedu and mxINCedu: Product/Service Development  
  • INCubatoredu/ACCeleratoredu: Creating and Launching Businesses

To Learn More Check out the LISD Uncharted Learning Website

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