LEEF and Indeco offer 4 Leander ISD Teachers a Seat at a Flexible Table

Leander ISD teachers are committed to their student’s education and take great strides to provide a teaching environment that is safe and meets the needs of all students and the way they learn. The Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) is committed to providing educational resources that support every Leander ISD student and teacher. After receiving many teaching grants for flexible seating LEEF recognized a need in the classroom, but we didn’t have the funds to award all the grant applications.  As a nonprofit, LEEF can be creative and nimble in finding unique ways to fund needed programs and through our Annual Partner, Indeco, they provided the flexible seating for 4 Leander ISD classrooms – Wiley Middle School, Plain Elementary, Larkspur Elementary, and Block House Creek Elementary. 

LEEF and Indeco recognize that each student is unique and learns differently and partnering together we were able to enrich the educational experience with flexible seating that allows them to rock, bounce, sit or stand. Research shows flexible seating encourages students to find their best spot to stay calm, focused, and productive. When delivering the new seating options, students and teachers both were beyond excited to incorporate this unique and alternative way to keep their students engaged in the classroom.

We are so grateful to LEEF for providing our students with beautiful, high-quality flexible seating. Our students are loving using these in the classroom.” 

Lydia Copeland, Block House Creek Elementary (5th Grade ELA and SS Teacher)

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