Spring 2019 Grant Patrol Distributes $15,175 to Leander ISD Teachers

On Thursday, May 23rd, the LEEF Grant Patrol made 10 stops and awarded 14 different grants totaling $15,175.  With the help of these grants, teachers received digital art, reading and writing materials, supplemental reading program assistance, youth and government program support, and more. A huge round of applause to all the recipients of the Spring 2019 Grant Winners!

Cox Elementary Tiffany Shoppe Supplemental Reading Program $2,500
Knowles Elementary Rachel Edwards Supplemental Reading Program $2,500
Laura Welch Bush Elementary Nickie Miller Supplemental Reading Program $2,500
Naumann Elementary Robyn Cooper Supplemental Reading Program $2,500
Knowles Elementary Joanna Minardi Sensational Scholastic News Strengthens Student Skills! $300
Leander High School Michelle Lux Texas and National Conferences for Social Studies $375
Akin Elementary Justin Gomez, Amanda Peterson, Shelly Rehbein, Shiidon Hawley Engage Students, Empower Teachers! $1,000
Cedar Park High School Jayne Serna YMCA Youth & Government $500
Glenn High School Ted Romine YMCA Youth & Government $500
Glenn High School Melody Morton Maestro Theatre $500
Leander High School Jeremy Edwards YMCA Youth & Government $500
Naumann Elementary Karen Jordan STEAM Reading Materials $500
Vista Ridge High School Jonathan Daugherty YMCA Youth & Government $500
Wiley Middle School Tina Bunn The Art of Technology $500

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