Meet the Board – Devin Williamson

“Public Education is the backbone of fostering our next generation of leaders.”

Name: Devin Williamson
Company: Raba Kistner, Inc
Title: Senior Director of Business Development

Raba Kistner is an Engineering Services and Construction Management Firm. The firm has worked with Leander ISD for over 20 years.

Devin and his wife have two dogs and two cats, but she would have more if Devin was on board. They love to travel, and one of their favorite destinations is Europe!

Devin’s Call to Action: I want to give back to the Leander ISD community and provide support to the faculty/staff/students of the district. I want to help teachers get opportunities they might not otherwise be able to afford so they can continue to innovative and engage their students.

Fave Book: Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck

Fave Way to Spend Time: I ride bikes. I love classic cars. I love good food and wine.

Fave Movie: This is tough, because I love movies. Chef, Godfather 1 & 2, Cool Hand Luke, Annie Hall… see, I could go on and on. My wife laughs at me now when I say “This is one of my favorite _ .” Fill that in with movie, song, band, places to eat, etc.

Chef is such an unexpected joy. Godfather 1&2 because I love Sicily and the period piece of it. Cool Hand Luke because EVERYONE is in that movie and it’s an underdog movie. Annie Hall, and most any Woody Allen of that period, reminds me a time in my life and they are written so well. I was living in Paris after college and just happened to have a book of 5 or 6 of his screenplays. I read them over and over.

Fun Fact: I lived in Paris, France for a couple of years after graduating from South West Texas State.

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