Meet the Board – Kevin Hodges

“As a parent to a 2nd grader, my goal as a parent, community member and (tech) partner is to support and do good things for kids….if I can help in anyway accomplish those goals, that gets me very excited.”

Name: Kevin Hodges
Company: Google for Education
Title: Regional Manager

Kevin is a part of the Google for Education Team and remains focused on a student’s K-12 experience that has a profound impact on their future. Google for Education shareable devices and collaborative tools help teachers prepare all students with new, more engaging ways to learn the skills they need to succeed.

Kevin’s Why: As a partner, and currently employed by a large tech company who is HIRING…I’m passionate about getting kids opportunities to work in tech. Right now, science, technology, engineering & math are vital, but collaboration and communication is just an important; helping support the entire curriculum portfolio and giving students visibility into employees that work in the space, as well as, recruiters who hire in this space is what gets me excited to be a part of LEEF. We have incredibly smart kids in Leander ISD and each should have an opportunity to apply, interview and eventually work in tech.

Fave Book: The Innocent Man – by John Gresham

Fave Way to Spend Time: Anytime I can spend time with my family is my ‘favorite’ time.

Fave Movie: The Lone Survivor – it’s a true story based on heroism and grit. It’s about a Navy SEAL team who gets deployed on a mission to take out a Taliban leader. They get spotted and find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned….there’s one Lone Survivor from the team that makes it through the gun-fight and gets rescued by a villager.

The story is amazing and the fact that’s true, says so many things to those who fight for our freedom.

Fave Holiday: Veteran’s Day; my father and both grandfathers’ were active duty military and fought in multiple wars. Any opportunity we get to honor military veterans who have served in the US Armed Forces and give our respect and admiration for – it’s what gets me excited to be American.

Classroom Impact Team

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