Meet the Board – Milly Harris

“No student should make life choices for their future on the basis of not being able to afford a book, an AP testing fee, or simply because someone wasn’t there to tell them they could be anything they wanted to be. Being part of LEEF gives me great satisfaction because I can see firsthand how we are clearing these roadblocks for so many students, and arming schools with the resources they need to ensure that all means all when it comes to opportunity.”
Name: Milly Harris
Company: Dell Technologies
Title: Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility – Customer Engagement

Through Milly’s position at Dell Technologies, she is committed to driving human progress. Their vision for the future, which they call Progress Made Real, outlines a commitment to creating a positive and lasting social impact on humankind and the planet through 2030 – using their reach, technology and people.

Milly has lived in the Austin area for over 30 years, spending the last 11 years in Cedar Park. She has two teenagers who will both attend Vista Ridge High school this year. The Leander ISD community is their family as her children have grown up in the district. They enjoy all the things the Austin area has to offer, from live music, great food, and amazing natural areas to hike and swim in.

Milly’s Why: I had a personal understanding of what it means to feel overwhelmed by the financial obstacles to academic achievement. And early in my career, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Texas speaking to middle and high school students about their career aspirations. It affected me deeply to hear how many of them limited what they thought they could be in life simply due to financial reasons and the feeling that each step and each fee was insurmountable.

Fave Book: The Shawshank Redemption – by Stephen King
Other Stephen King faves include Cujo, Carrie and The Shining.

Fave Way to Spend Time: Laughing until my face hurts with friends and family.

Fave Movie: Thelma and Louise is a classic female empowerment story. I re-watched it recently, and I was inspired to do a solo road trip to and across Utah. I got to stand in the famous spot where they made their final stand. (oh and Brad Pitt…)

Fave Holiday: Halloween is the clear winner. You get to bring out your creative side, become a favorite character, there is tons of chocolate just waiting to be consumed, and kids just have the best time! Plus it isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold. What more could you ask for?

My Company and LEEF: Dell Technologies shares LEEF’s belief that when it comes to education and economic opportunity, all means all. With a deep commitment to bringing access to curriculum and information to all children, Dell supports LEEF’s mission fully. Dell’s solar-powered computer labs are bringing digital access and education to underserved kids around the world. While critical organizations like LEEF are ensuring children and teachers have what they need locally. Today’s digital world provides opportunities for students to learn in highly personalized ways. When teachers and students become co-creators in the K-12 learning process and leverage technology in meaningful ways, the learning experiences can inspire all learners. With a dedicated team of former educators who have extensive backgrounds in successful technology implementation, Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned and committed to supporting districts in designing student-centric learning models to develop future readiness of students.

Classroom Impact Team

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