LEEF Innovative Teaching Grant Application


The Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) created the Teaching Grant to help provide teachers with the development, resources and tools needed to most significantly impact student achievement through their individual teaching. The goal of this grant program is to directly support the needs of individual teachers. Grant funding opportunities occur two times each school year: fall and spring.

LEEF also offers a Collaborative Grant alongside the Spring Innovative Teaching Grant cycle, which is designed to support larger projects (up to $5,000) across departments, grades or schools.  Information on each grant cycle will be emailed to all staff and posted on the LEEF website prior to each cycle’s beginning date.


  • The Innovative Teaching Grant is available to current employees in good standing with LISD.
  • Applications must be submitted through the web form below by 11:59pm on the due date listed. Please direct any questions to Coleen or call 512.570.0027.

Selection Criteria for Awarding

Proposals should directly impact the applicant teacher, his/her advanced development as a teacher or his/her classroom instruction (or his/her department). The primary goal in selecting awardees is to support teachers seeking to develop as a professional educator or implement new, innovative pedagogy or programs.  Secondarily, and where feasible, the funding may provide materials for the classroom.  The ultimate impact on the education of students and impact on student learning is also considered.

Award of Funds:

  • One Innovative grant of $500 will be awarded.
  • Each eligible application will be reviewed by a group of judges representing LEEF. After reviewing the applications, the grant review committee will determine whether to fully fund, partially fund, or deny funds for the project.
  • Funds must be expended within 12 months of being awarded. Unexpended funds are returned to LEEF.
  • District procurement policies must be followed. ALL materials purchased with grant funds are the property of LISD.

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • A grant report must be submitted within 30 days of completing the project.
  • The recipient of each funded project may be requested to provide a short presentation about the project to the LEEF Board of Directors.
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LEEF Innovative Grant Application

(This title will be used during the reviewing process rather than your name to avoid bias in that process).

Optional: You may include up to 3 additional co-applicants with your submission. Please make sure to include their Leander ISD e-mail.

What are your project goals/outcomes and how will they impact your own professional development and effectiveness as a teacher? How will your students be impacted by those? Be specific about why this proposal should be funded. Describe the need this project addresses.

Explain the direct impacts of this project on your own professional development as an educator and how its benefits will be continued or enable further development in the future.

Explain your proposed project in detail: 

  1. Timeline and dates
  2. How funds will be used. (registration/license expenses, materials, vendors, cost, etc.) 
  3. Identify any planned or available personal or additional external funding that will/can be applied in support of this project.  

If the project involves material items (not single use) describe the expected life of those items and how the decision to discontinue use would be made.

If your project involves more than a single cost source, include a complete expense budget detailing all planned expenses and all sources of funding (including this grant request).

How will you measure the success of this project? What criteria for success or degree of impact on your teaching and student learning will be used?


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