LEEF Grant Report


LEEF Grant Report

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Contact the LEEF team at info@leeftx.org with any questions.

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  • Project Update

  • Describe how your project was executed. Be specific by including a timeline.
  • Describe the results of your project. Include which LISD program or campus was impacted and any statistical data that can be calculated as a result of the project, such as growth rate.
  • 1. Did the awarded amount allow you to achieve your goals?

    2. If your project required more funding than awarded from LEEF did you receive the additional funding? If yes, from where?

    3. If you did not utilize the total amount received, please explain.

    4. If this project is ongoing, how will it be funded in the future?
  • Describe a specific moment or share a few student interactions that sum up your project's reach. How can you describe your project's outcome in a way that connects with our community? How do we share your story, so the impact expands beyond the classroom?
  • Media & Expense Report Submission

    Attach media files and a final expense report below.

    Please note: grant recipients could be contacted to appear in impact videos, share photos as well as speak at public events regarding the impact of your award.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

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