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Leander ISD Student and Staff Assistance

The Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) needs your help to assist the Leander ISD (LISD) community. How do we meet the needs of all students and staff? Together. We have a strong community filled with people who support, encourage and inspire each other. Our best selves are shining through during this unprecedented time of fear, uncertainty and unrest. Let’s shine together now to meet the needs of all LISD students and staff.

Our foundation team is communicating with district leadership to learn about how COVID-19 is impacting students and staff. Our goal is to find the areas of greatest need and support those efforts. Through those conversations, we’ve discussed school supplies and a wide-range of students scholarship needs as well as staff support. We are needed. You can make a difference.

All donations made here will be directed to the LEEF Emergency Fund to assist relief efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. A donation of any amount makes a difference. Sharing this campaign makes a difference. Let’s build the emergency fund in support of LISD students and staff.

We’re thankful for Samsung Austin Semiconductor who contributed $25,000 to these efforts.

We will provide updates on how the emergency fund is utilized throughout the district. Please feel free to reach out to our team at any time to find out more information at info@leeftx.org.

Together, we will be stronger than ever.

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4/30/2020 Update: $373 will be added to the LEEF Emergency Fund thanks to those of you who shopped during our virtual Kendra Gives Back Party on 4/24. Thank you!

4/20/2020 Update: The LEEF board of directors and staff would like to express our gratitude to our supporters who have provided a monetary donation to the emergency fund as well as those who have shared it with others.

This week LEEF is distributing $10,000 from the emergency fund to Hill Country Community Ministries (HCCM) to assist Leander ISD families with basic needs, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, prescriptions, and more. The HCCM team is knowledgeable and skilled at helping our community in this way, and we’re thankful to partner together in support of LISD families.

Before COVID-19, HCCM’s client base consisted of over 750 LISD families. If an estimated $200 in assistance is provided per family through the LEEF emergency fund, we will help 50 families.

Please help us do more for our LISD community by connecting the LEEF team with supporters and sharing this page.

LEANDER ISD FAMILIES: To receive assistance, please reach out to your school counselor for a referral form. If you’re a current HCCM client, please work directly with the HCCM team.

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