Dual Credit Textbook Scholarships

LEEF and LISD are committed to creating and building a college and career-ready culture among all students. LEEF, through partnership with the Austin Community College Foundation, provides need-based textbook scholarships for students who are academically prepared for college coursework. These scholarships help make possible student participation in dual enrollment courses for college credit, a program that allows current high school students to attend classes at ACC tuition free. LEEF has awarded approximately 50 textbook scholarship vouchers, valued at more than $9,800.00 for college textbooks. Listen to what LISD students say:


“I want to say thank you very much for choosing me as a recipient of the LEEF scholarship. It is very important to me because it will allow me to start my college career. I want you to know that someday you will see my accomplishments. I will pay back your kindness by being a hard worker and honest person in the community.”

“I was born in Guatemala. I moved to the United States 10 years ago. All I wanted was a better life and to have the opportunity to obtain a great education. I will proudly be the first one to graduate from high school in my entire family. Thanks to LEEF I will start my college career at ACC and am looking forward to later transferring to UT to get a bachelors degree in film and graphic design.”

“Thank you for the scholarship for ACC books. It is so nice to know that there is an organization that cares for our education and is willing to lend a helping hand, especially in these tough economic times Without this scholarship from LEEF, I would not have been able to achieve my academic dreams and receive dual-credit through my ACC classes. thank you all for giving me a step up for next year.”


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