LEEF Collaborative Grant Application


The Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) created the Collaborative Grant program to provide resources for innovations impacting a LISD program, entire campuses, an academic department, or a grade level and that have the potential to significantly impact student achievement.


  • To be eligible for this funding, your project must directly impact:
    • a Leander ISD program, a grade level within a campus, and/or subject area within a campus
  • Applications will be accepted from:
    • a whole campus, a group of teachers at a campus (e.g. grade level or integrated team), a group of teachers or administrators from different campuses, or a Central Office administrator
  • Please direct any questions to Coleen or call 512.570.0027

Award of Funds:

  • Grants of up to $5000.00 will be awarded.
  • The size and number of awards will be determined by the amount of funds allocated by the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation.
  • Each eligible application will be reviewed by a group of judges representing the Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation and Leander ISD. After reviewing the applications, the grant review committee will determine whether to fully fund, partially fund, or deny funds for the project.
  • Funds must be expended within twelve months of being awarded the grant. Unexpended funds will return to the Foundation.
  • District procurement policies must be followed. Additionally, items that may be available through district, state or federal funding will not be considered.

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • A grant report must be submitted within 30 days of completing the project.
  • The recipients of each funded project may be requested to provide a short presentation about the project to the LEEF Board of Directors.
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LEEF Collaborative Grant Application

(This title will be used during the reviewing process rather than your name to avoid bias in that process).

Optional: You may include up to 3 additional co-applicants with your submission. Please make sure to include their Leander ISD e-mail address.

Explain your proposed project in detail: 

  1. Timeline and dates
  2. How funds will be used. (registration/license expenses, materials, vendors, cost, etc.) 
  3. Identify any planned or available personal or additional external funding that will/can be applied in support of this project.  

If the project involves material items (not single use) describe the expected life of those items and how the decision to discontinue use would be made.

How will you measure the success of this project? What type of data will be reported in your evaluation?

Explain the life span of your project (one time use, repeated yearly, etc.). Include any reasons why this project would not be continued.

Include estimated budget of item(s) requested - item(s), dollar amount, vendor, etc.

Please note: All grant funds are awarded and payable to Leander ISD. Competitive procurement process is required according to district policy. Please check with the Purchasing Department for approved vendors prior to requesting commodities on a grant application. All materials are the property of Leander ISD.

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